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About Kaju A.R.T.S.

high-kickKaju-A.R.T.S. Martial Arts School builds relationships in the martial arts community, providing a positive training facility that teaches respect, discipline, ethics, honor, loyalty, and self-defense to individuals in all walks of life. Disciplines range from forms to sport and combative arts. Kaju-A.R.T.S. provides a system in which individuals can learn and grow at their own pace or ability. Kaju-A.R.T.S. collaborates with the local martial arts community, coordinating efforts to bring in the top martial artists in the world. Kaju-A.R.T.S. strives for excellence in martial arts and respect in the community.

Self-Defense:   Students will learn effective and powerful self-defense skills as well as the fundamental attitudes appropriate to those skills. The basic attitudes of a successful martial artist (and of a successful person) are respect, discipline, goal-setting, and effective leadership.

Respect:   Through the martial art philosophy and customs, students learn to build superior relationships based on respect and friendship.

Discipline:   Through martial arts training, students develop respect, self-motivation, and self-discipline.

Goal Setting:   This is a necessary road map for a successful life. It is said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” On the road towards Black Belt, students gain the experience and feeling of success by earning progressively higher belt ranks.

Leadership: Students develop communications skills as they work with each other. At the level of Blue Belt, students may participate in our Leadership Training Program.

Kaju-A.R.T.S. is a “Black Belt” School; our goal is that all students earn their “Black Belt” not only in Martial Arts but in life as well. Working towards this creates an environment in which the students develop confidence through accomplishing high, but realistic and attainable, goals.