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Jerry R. Cook – Seminar only

Jerry R. Cook – Seminar only

started his martial arts training in 1971 in junior high school with the study of American boxing and wrestling.

In 1973, he studied Shotokan with Master Charles Dixon.

In 1974, he trained in Kempo Karate and taught his way through high school, eventually receiving an honorary black belt from the AKKA.

In 1980, he studied Aikido under Master John Takagi at Glendale College.

In 1984, he earned a Black Belt in Okinawan Goju Ryu under Master Bob Alvarez.

In 1985, he learned tiger & crane from Buck sam kong later masters Hung & Ru hu Zhu. also learned 116 wing chun mokjong from master Fong.

In 1987, he learned 108 ba-kwa from dr Wong later masters Hsu & Ting-jue. Received a black belt in green dragon kung fu / shuai chaio / chang 108 taichi from master Chicoine & 108 long fist 1-10 fighting methods from master Ma, later Pan qing fu’s 18 combate style.

In 1987, he earned a Black Belt under Master Gene Chicoine for Chuai Chaio Kung Fu.

In 1990, he earned a Black Belt in Budo Kan Ju Jitsu under Dr. Lindsay Anglen.

In 1992, he began work with Grandmaster Jinheng Li, earning a Black Belt Master Degree Professorship under Grandmaster Ron Pierce in the Pierce family Kung Fu.

In 2002, he received a 7th∞ black belt in kajukenbo certifyed by c- jo Emperado & GM pierce, Also started studys with Shaolin Monk Shi YongKai (Grandmaster Xiao Pu Quan) in styles of yi-chin-ching, baji & chen taichi also worked with Chen xaio wang, Chen bing & Chen zhang.

In 2005, he received 1 of the most knowledgable masters award from the martial arts hall of fame & was put on the international grandmasters councel.

In 2007, he became a Doh-yi master with daoist priest Jaing Jing, Sun Baek specializing in Wu-Tang sword & Dao.

In 2008, he received grandmaster scrolls from ninjitsu GMmaster Ashida kim & GMmaster lawrence day black dragon.

In 2011, he received IMACC professorship, grandmaster in Gm John Wongs tanglang lotus clan & received a 9th∞ black belt in Pierce combat method, kajukenbo & the black dragon fighting society. Helped build the yang tze medical center in phx az under master dr Xiao Pu Quan.

Jerry Cook has won over 50 national black belt championships & has produced over a dozen books & viteos in the arts. Master cook specializes in teaching & certifying martial arts instructors in more than 200 schools. He has learned from some of the greatest teachers of the time & enjoys sharing that knowledge with others.

Jerry Cook studies Chinese medicine and Wudang sword styles under Grandmaster Dr. Sung Beck (Daoist priest Jiang Jing), and is currently a first level Do Yi master in that system.

Jerry Cook is a collector of styles and looks forward to sharing them with other martial artists. Master Cook has schools throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.