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Michael Huffman

Michael Huffman

Mike Huffman was born in Cleveland, OH and attended school at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Upon graduation he moved to Southwest Missouri to be a manager in the restaurant business. He was been married to his wife, Brandi, for 11 years and together they have one son, Ethan Michael. Currently, he manages Branson’s most popular restaurant while also serving as the food and beverage manager at a premiere timeshare resort.

He was first introduced to martial arts by his father, who was a green belt in Kajukenbo. He has studied various martial arts for a good majority of his life and holds a black belt in the Pierce Family Method of Kajukenbo, only the second ever given by Sigung Don Wilhelm. He is now a fifth degree in Kajukenbo with the title of Sifu given by Don Wilhelm, Robert Suttles and Tony Bowls, who are Grandmasters (nine degrees) in the art. Mike was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2011 as Missouri Black Belt of the Year, and in 2015, was inducted into the Master Hall of Fame by Master Eric Lee. In 2014, Mike purchased Don Wilhelm’s Martial Arts School and started Kaju A.R.T.S. (Applied Realistic Tactical System), providing a positive training facility that teaches respect, discipline, ethics, honor, loyalty and self-defense to individuals in all walks of life.