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Ron Pierce – Seminar only

Ron Pierce – Seminar only

I have 47 years of martial arts experience in many diverse arts. I am the highest ranking member and co-founder of Pierce Family Gung Fu. Other co-founders are Professor Bob Suttles & Professor Jerry Cook. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the group. They are highly respected and recognized throughout the martial arts community. Pierce Family Gung Fu is a culmination of forms and techniques, which are thousands of years old, adapted for modern day use.

Included are the best techniques and concepts of many styles and systems, such as stick arts, Chin Na grab arts, bladed weapons, throwing arts, etc. The techniques and forms have been modified with modern training methods, taking the realities of today’s world into consideration.

The system covers the healthful aspect of the arts (Chi Kung, Tai Chi) and the Combative (aspects geared for today’s streets. which include empty hand applimprovised weapons, modern tactical weapons) and traditional martial arts weapons.. Modern forms competition is also covered.

  • Certified 9th Degree Black Belt Kajukenbo Emperado Method from Sijo Adriano D. Emperado (Martial Arts Legend, Hall of Fame Member and co-founder of the Kajukenbo system of Martial Arts).
  • Certified 6th Degree Black Belt D.O.C.S. under the late Grand Master Victor A. Hughes – Black Belt Hall of Fame Member.
  • Certified 6th Degree Black Belt Taekwondo under Grand Master Charles Parks.KSDI (Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute) and Black Belt Society Member.
  • Executive Vice President United States Martial Arts Bureau Agency – Martial Arts Consumer Bureau – Washington D.C.International
  • Chinese Boxing Alliance
  • American Karate Black Belt Association
  • Korean Taekwondo Association
  • Member U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame